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First Day of Summer

June 21, 2012

The first day of Summer was yesterday and boy was it ever nice outside.  The temperatures were in the 90′s and the sun was shining all day long.  All of our visitors enjoyed a great day at the beach and a nice evening at the local restaurants.  It was a great day for ice cream and fried clams for sure!

We are very busy and very excited for the Summer season to finally get started here on Cape Cod.  Yesterday was Cape Cod Quahog Day and Doug the Quahog predicted 84 days of beach weather to come for 2012!  Come on down to Eastham and enjoy all that the Cape has to offer!!!

Rain, Pollen, Sun….

May 22, 2012

The weather just cannot make up it’s mind this week.  Between the rain showers, the pollen falling and the sun peeking through the clouds, we are just not sure what the weather will bring.  We do know that the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming and the cars are getting a nice wash.  Don’t let this crazy weather stop you from enjoying a nice relaxing vacation on Cape Cod.  There is still plenty of things to enjoy, even if it is raining and sunny every other day.  Antique shops, yummy restaurants, art galleries and local historic attractions.  Come on down and enjoy a stay in Eastham you will never forget!

Eastham Motel Mid Winter Post

January 24, 2012

It is now January 24th, 2012!  The skies are raining down on Cape Cod today, melting the 5 inches of snow we got a couple days ago.  The weather is a tad chilly but also a tad warm at a temperature of  44 degrees.  The weather here on the Cape has been on the warmer side all winter long and it has been a nice change from the normal 30 degree weather we normally have in the winter on the Cape.

We are open on and off again throughout the winter, so we recommend you give us a call before you head on down to Eastham for a getaway this winter.  We try our best to accommodate all visitors, so do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Halloween

November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween to all of our guests and family’s!  The weather here for Halloween was a nice, cool 46 degrees and the sun was shining most of the day.  Kids were out into the wee hours of the night trick or treating throughout Eastham.  Halloween was a great success for all kids in Eastham this year and we are excited for next years as well.

Don’t forget that we are still open for reservations throughout the year.  Just give us a call at 508-255-4000 to book your stay with us.  We would love to see you, any time of year.

Eastham Events July 25th – 1st

July 25, 2011

Well, we can definitely say the weather here in Eastham has been just perfect lately, lots of sun, a touch of clouds and a nice small breeze to top it off.  Great weather to hop on a bike and ride the Cape Cod Rail Trail or grab some beach chairs and an umbrella and lay at the beach for the day.  Either way, vacationing in Eastham for the month of July has been just right.  We can only hope for the same weather for August, and with our forecast, more sunny days are coming our way.

Some great events going on this upcoming week, such as: Monday Night Windmill Green Concert, Orleans Firebirds Game, Bingo, WHAT Theater Shows, Flea Market, Lighthouse Tours, Art Show, Chowder Supper and much more.  To learn more about events in Eastham this week visit this link.

We look forward to seeing you this week on Cape Cod!!

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Enjoy the whole Cape Cod experience while staying with us.

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